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Table Hire

Beautiful tables are a critical component of a large event. For centuries, people from all over the world have enjoyed shared meals during celebrations on beautifully set tables.

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Table Hire Perth

Event Table for Hire in Perth

Your table offers lots of charm and is the perfect place to add gorgeous decorative effects such as flowers, lanterns, stunning cutlery and other accessories that might be required for serving and enhancing a great tasting meal.

If you require fine tables for your event, then Elegant Chair Events is the right company to trust. We have gorgeous tables you can hire here in Perth. Our tables offer a strong construction, they are naturally aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for hosting small to large groups of people at any type of event including the following;

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Holiday parties
  • Appreciation events
  • Charity events
  • Board meetings
  • Product launches
  • Conferences
  • Private events
  • Live events

The Role Of a Beautiful Table At Your Event

It is customary to set a beautiful table at your event whether you are hosting a small informative business event or want to delight your friends and family during a magnificent wedding celebration.

Sitting at a table and sharing a meal with friends, family, loved ones or even colleagues offers tremendous social benefits. The table is the one thing that holds members together so they can interact and talk about all of those important and interesting developments that happened since the last time you saw the person sitting next to or opposite of you.

Gorgeous table settings also make it easy to navigate guests to the right seats, offer them a sense of belonging and create a calm atmosphere. The table is also the perfect area to set up your beautiful décor such as flowers and themed decorations that provide a warm and positive essence at the party. Sampling delicious foods is also much better at a gorgeous table that is shared with loved ones.

Hire Your Event Tables Online

At Elegant Chair Events, we make it very easy for you to hire event tables. You can have a look at our available tables online and even find out what the size and rental pricing of these tables are.

We service Perth and surrounding areas from North to South of the river and can get as many tables as you need delivered at your event. Our teams are happy to position these beautiful and often heavy tables according to your instruction, so you get right to work on setting up your beautiful tables. When the event is done with, we will arrive with the needed transportation to clear our tables and any other furnishings you might have rented from the site.

In addition to table hire in Perth WA, we also rent out various styles of matching chairs, ceremony packages as well as various decorative elements that you can rent along with your chairs.

With Elegant Chair Events at your side, you can create the perfect event without much difficulty and at surprisingly affordable prices.

Elegant Chair Events offer Furniture Hire for Functions, Parties, Weddings & Events in Perth. We stock a wide variety of Bar Stools, Backdrops, Wine Barrels, Tiffany Chairs, & other short term furniture hire at affordable prices.

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